City Explained, Inc. is a firm built on the drive and energy of its founder (Matt Noonkester, AICP) and an unwavering commitment to clients and quality projects.  It was started because ‘business’ was getting in the way of ‘projects’ and we identified a real need to be more creative, more flexible and more entrepreneurial in our project-thinking and project-execution.

We replaced overhead and administration with production and innovation.  And the results have been immediate ― plan consensus in tough areas to work, new standards for creating high-quality deliverables, invitations to present our work at national conferences, and work assignments coming in from all over the United States ― and award-winning.  The firm was recently selected by the Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association for its Outstanding Private Sector Award in 2016.

Our mission is simple: We want to work on fun projects with fun people.  It drives us to do our best, and we find the ‘all-in’ commitment to project, client and stakeholders is what sets us apart from the rest.